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Christian Bastof

I accidentally bought Kusama Tokens through Talisman Wallet with Banxa on my Polkadot Account.
Now I can see it on subscan linked to my account, but in Talisman Dashboard is the Kusama Chain not possible to select in the drop-down menu and therefore no Kusama Tokens visible. Using the Talisman Portal let me see my Kusama Tokens but not possible to interact with them.

Could be a problem, that my DOT Account is linked to my ledger device but the kusama account not linked.

I am looking forward to getting help on full access to my Kusama Tokens hidden in my Talisman Wallet


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Warp Lizard

Hi Christian,
Yes, unfortunately in the Polkadot ecosystem, Ledger apps and Ledger accounts are chain specific. The Polkadot Ledger app can **only** derive accounts and sign transactions for the Polkadot relay chain. Please read our article for more details; skip to the end if you just need to know what to do.
Hopefully this will be fixed soon with the new generic Ledger application, but we're still uncertain about exactly when that will be ready.

Btw - we'll be shutting down the Upvoty service soon; please jump in our Discord for support in the future.


Christian Bastof