Map of the Paraverse


Zooeys got me off thinking and leaning into a previous request by Gringala. Don't know if it has been suggested.

What if threre was a graphical topology map of Dotsama ?

Provides an overview of the projects with their icon, showing if connected to Kusama, Polkadot or standalone. When selected there is a summary with options to visit their homepage, dapp, staking, crowdloan details ,socials etc. Tooltip bubble or pop up of your balances filtered to that chain.

I know Jay has shown the map of channels open between chains, so eventually could possibly highlight a parachain, it's channels (and bridges ?) light up to show you where you can send assets then you could watch your balances move around, do complicated swaps and bridges nearly effortlessly, from the users perspective because you could logically see what is happening. :)


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